Sunday, January 27, 2013

Christmas Cards

Sooooo.... I am pretty much the worst blog keeper ever. I haven't updated since September. I have made many things since then, and I am working on quite a few at the moment.

First, a Pink Pearl Crafts update. Things are going well. I have moved fully from Etsy to Ebay although I didn't close the Etsy shop, it's just "on vacation". I may try and use it again sometime in the future.

For this blog I want to share all of the Christmas cards I made. This was the first year we sent out cards and I made the (not so smart) decision to make them all, and to have them all be different. It took quite a bit of time to get them all made and to decide what I wanted them all to look like. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the process, but I was a lot of work. Some of the pictures were taken with hubs new camera and some were taken quickly with my phone. Rather than try and explain them all, I am just going to bombard you with pictures. If you have any questions/comments/concerns etc. feel free to comment.

I hope that you enjoyed looking at them as much as I do. Is it bad that sometimes I amaze myself? I have a few friends that will be having babies soon, I will post pictures of the gifts after they are given (a few of them are done and I can hardly wait to share them). Thanks for reading and I will be back soon with more projects! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More cards

Well, I promised that I would keep you up to date on my Etsy shop but so far there is nothing to keep you up to date on. I haven't sold anything yet. I still have hope that it will be a success though. I have a few more items in the works that I will be putting up shortly, hopefully that will kick start things. If you would like to check out the store it is HERE or you can like the shop on FB HERE.

I have made a few cards that I haven't shared with you yet so I thought I would do that today since I am procrastinating cleaning out my craft room because I am afraid I may never come out.

A thank you card for my mama because she went to Michael's and sent me some stuff since they don't do online ordering.

Happy anniversary to my parents!!

A thank you to my friend Sara for watching our monsters while we were out of town.

And Happy Birthday to my sister in law who loves blue!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pink Pearl Crafts

Well, yesterday was the day. I opened my Etsy shop. I am not expecting it to explode and be popular quickly. So for the moment it is just an exciting waiting game to see when the first item will sell and what it is. I have decided not to spend any more money or make any more items until at least one sells. My attempt at not being a huge failure. These are the first few items listed, all are sold separately (other than the pink camo hat and and booties).

Crochet baby items...

Cricut Expression covers...

You can find my shop by clicking HERE. You can also like the shop on Facebook for more updates by clicking HERE then clicking the "like" button. I am sure that I will keep y'all up to date on how the shop goes and I will continue to talk about the crafts that I make for me and for gifts as well.

We went on a trip to Florida/Disney World/ Sea World last week, I will be back to talk about that once I go through all of the pictures and figure out which ones I want to post. We took hundreds!!

I am thinking of changing the name of the blog to go with the Etsy shop. If I do that I will be sure to give you lots of notice so that you can continue to enjoy my crafts and all around awesomeness. Thanks for reading!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cricut Covers

I made a cover for my Cricut machine, it is super cute and I love it! I actually enjoyed making it. My friend offered to pay me to make one for her so it got me thinking, I really should sell my projects. So I have an Etsy shop in the works. I need to get some projects made to get started with but I am really excited about it. I think that I could do well with it and it would keep me busy until we live somewhere with a salon I want to work in again. I love working on crafts anyway, why not make a profit doing it. 

Anyway, I want to share the covers that I made with you. 

First, the one I made for myself. I love the bright cheery fabric and the fact that the buttons match almost perfectly. 

I put a pocket on the back of mine to hold my USB cable that I hook to my computer with. It turns out that with the cord in it it's too heavy and falls off. I push it against the wall and it works just fine. Kind of redneck, but everything in my craft room is.

This is the one that I made for my friend. She requested pink, a little sparkle, and a "C". I think I did just that. It turned out really cute.

Another friend of mine asked me to make a cover for her silhouette. It looks a little strange because it is on my Cricut, which it doesn't quite fit. I think it turned out really cute though. She says it makes her happy every time she walks past it, which in turn makes me happy! I love when my projects bring joy to people. 

I made a few cute cards lately too but I will share them with you another time. This is all I have the motivation to share at the moment. It's not that late and I am getting tired, I really am an old lady. I will be sure to let you all know if I get an Etsy shop up and running. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Craft Bag and Hook Case

So, I am terrible at this blog thing. So glad that I never said how often I would post. I have a few things that I have done since I posted last. But the one I decided to talk to you about is my new craft bag and the hook case I made to match.

The bag is fabulous. I am so in love with it. In fact I think the afghan I am woking on may be to big of a project for my bag but I love it to much to go back to my big bag. You can find the pattern HERE.

I made a fabric liner to go in it so that things wouldn't fall through.I am particularity proud of my scissor pocket and pocket for my ergonomic crochet hook.

My new cute bag all finished with my newest project (minus the actual project and the purple).

I also made a cute little hook case to match. It holds everything I need. I make it to match my bag.  You can find the pattern HERE

I changed the front cover a little to match the bag a little better, I simply substituted a row of cross stitches for two rows of singles. I have had the pink rhinestone button for a long time, I am so excited that I found something to use it on.

 If you look close the fabric I used for my liner is under the front cover of the case.

I love how well they match! It makes me happy.

I made a few dust covers for the Cricut machine that I will share with you in the future, I also made a few little changes to my craft room (which I think I mentioned before). As for now, I will end with a sneak preview of my new afghan that I just started.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Baby Z Arrives

My friend had her baby. And he is the tiniest, cutest, most precious little boy ever. I am pretty much in love with him. I had a few more little things to give to him when he was born and I will share them with you now.

I think this may be one of the funniest projects that I have ever made, it's a pro-breast feeding hat. I will agree that it is a little silly how offended people are by breast feeding. I got the pattern HERE.

The next thing I made was these adorable little lion booties. One of the cutest pairs booties that I have made to date. I got the pattern for these HERE. I broke my rule and payed for a pattern, but it was very well worth it. It was written well and they turned out adorable. I am not a huge fan of the face on one of them, I even took it apart and tried to fix it. Oh well, I guess thats the character of hand made items. 

I saw a picture on pinterest of a baby with a mustache pacifier and about died laughing, so I put these together real quick for her. It was super easy since I have the Mustaches & Glasses digital cartridge. The original post is HERE

I of course had to make a cute card to go with all of this adorable baby stuff. I combined a few different cards that I saw to create this one. Since I am kind of a sentimental person I saved some ribbon from her shower and used it to create the bow. I am not sure that she noticed but it made me happy. 

Since this card kind of had a lot going on and is rather large it was going to be difficult to make an envelope for so I just made a little pocket in the wrapping and stuck the card there. 

Thats all I have for baby Z (for now). But I do have one other thing that I would like to share with you. Ever since I saw a picture of a kitten wearing a bow tie I have been obsessed with getting one for Max. I found a pattern on pinterest for a crochet little boy bow tie. PERFECT. The pattern can be found HERE

He looks so adorable in his bow tie and now I love him even more.

Thats all I have to share for now. I just finished a crochet tote/project bag but I want to sew a liner for it before I show you. I think I am going to make a case for my hooks that matches as well so I may do that and show it to you at the same time. I also have a few cards to share after they are delivered. So see you then :)